Danielle V., New Hyde Part, NY

In by Philemon Onesias

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Snow has been AMAZING!! I was reassigned to her after I wasn’t to happy with my first writer. She immediately took over fixed the issues and got the resume back to me I think within 24 hours. Now Personally I have had a lot going on so my follow up has not been the best at all. But her patience with me has been exceptional. The best part of Snow was when I called her back, and told her that the resume she just did for me. That I thought was amazing. Actually got horrible reviews. Because of the format. So she completely re-did it for me. With no push back or rudeness. She was so professional. Once again turning it around in less than 24 hours. Snow has been so great, and I don’t think she has any idea how great full I am for her. She has saved me so much time & energy. With everything else I have going on. This is the last thing I wanted to try to do. Thanks Snow!!!!

Danielle V., New Hyde Part, NY April 5, 2018