FAQs on Resume Writing and CV Services

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs): Resume Valley’s Resume Writing and CV Services
Anyone can make his/her own resume or curriculum vitae (CV), but not everyone can do it well.

While even the best resume writers need the help of an editor, job seekers like you also need the services of a professional resume/CV writer. Did you know it takes just about 6 seconds for hirers to read your application and decide if they should invite you for an interview or not? So, it’s important for you to craft your resume or CV in the most effective way possible.

Resume Valley’s professional resume writers are skillful in doing just that. We’re adept at showing your core skills and accomplishments. Further, we’re experts at creating your CV as a self-marketing tool in a professional way. We balance format and content in each of our projects. Also, we make sure our services make you confident enough to send your application to your future employer.

A resume and a CV differ in length, scope, and use.

A resume is a one-page document that aims to draw the employers’ attention and make you stand out from other job seekers. It aims to display your experience and skills in a snap and match them to your target job or career.

On the other hand, a curriculum vitae (CV) is longer than a resume and is often 2 or more pages long. Unlike a resume, a CV is more focused on detailing your whole professional career. In fact, it’s chronological and not customized per job type.

To choose which one you should send to recruiters, review the application instructions they gave. Likewise, you may get in touch with our customer service reps to help you decide whether you need to avail of our civilian resume or professional curriculum vitae writing service.

While our team aims for brevity, we write your resumes in an easy-to-read approach. We present your key strengths and qualifications using phrases that describe your education, work history, skills, training, affiliations, and awards in full. Likewise, we don’t write resumes in full sentences nor in full paragraphs. Our aim for brevity rests on the fact that hirers spend little time to read a resume; thus, we strive to keep your details short but substantial.
After approving the final draft, we’ll send your resume/CV in two file formats—MS Word (.doc or .docx) and PDF (you need Adobe Reader or other PDF file viewers to open this format). Also, you may request to have it in ASCII text (electronic version). If you wish to post your resume/CV online, we can send it to you in HTML format, too. With whatever file format you need, Resume Valley can provide it for you.
Pronounced as “askee”, it stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. In the same way, it is an electronic resume/CV, in plain text format, and in a common text language, any computer and software can read. Due to its universal quality, it’s useful for keying resume/CV details on online forms and for pasting resumes/CVs onto the body of an email.
It’s alright to go back 10 years when you’re outlining your professional history. For details that exceed 10 years, it’s best that you restrict them to posts held, company names, and inclusive years. As we know, such details may no longer be relevant now. But if you want to show depth, let Resume Valley do it for you.
While other companies sell their clients’ resumes/CVs to job and resume banks, we at Resume Valley assure you your information is safe and confidential. It’s our way of showing you that we value your trust.
No. We only do business with clients through email and phone call.
Yes, Resume Valley has a career change resume package that can help you match your skills and experience with a new industry. Our writers have written career-change resumes that yielded rewarding jobs. Yet, if you’re applying for a similar job under a different industry, we can change your copy, too.
Yes. It’s possible, provided that your qualifications profile section is clear about the broad range of skills and expertise that you can bring to the table. Yet, if you wish to use a single resume to submit to several job posts, we strongly suggest using a fitting resume format for this.
In writing resumes, we don’t put phrases such as “references available upon request.” Hirers already know that. List them on a separate sheet and hand them only when the recruiter asks for them.
First, list the current company name followed by its former name. For example: DEF Corporation (formerly ABC, Inc.). With this, you can show the company transition and imply you’re not a job hopper.
We bring the best service to our clients for we value customer satisfaction so much. Our team welcomes your suggestions to improve our services. We also accept requests for revisions within 6 months from the date of your sign-up.
First, choose your desired writing product—civilian resume, curriculum vitae (CV), and LinkedIn profile. Then, sign up on our page to place your order. After that, we’ll send you a questionnaire and an order receipt as soon as we receive your request.

Fill in the questionnaire and you may also send your own resume draft. Send either or both documents to us through fax or email. Should you have more questions about our services, contact us via phone or email.

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