Project Agreement

Placing an order with Resume Valley would mean reading and accepting our TERMS of SERVICE as stated in this PROJECT AGREEMENT.


Resume Valley caters mainly the US market. Our skilled writers use standard American English in creating your resume from scratch. We work with you by e-mail and phone to get details that will help us write an impressive, powerful resume that stands out and guarantees a successful job interview.


All our prices are in US dollars and must be paid online by credit card or other acceptable modes of payment. Being an upfront payment, you may sign up and pay for our service before we start with the writing of your resume. You may sign up online at and choose a service or call us on the toll free number shown on our website. Our sales representatives are available 24/7 to assist you. In the course of your order, you must give us a valid credit card number (if it’s your chosen mode of payment) and a billing address. We will charge you according to the rate(s) of the service(s) selected. You will then get a receipt from Resume Valley for the said order.
Also, please understand that in your billing statement, COGNIZANS will appear as our payment processor.


1. After signing-up for any Resume Valley’s service(s), a customer service representative will contact you to assist and answer queries you may have on your purchase.
2. We will then send you an e-mail confirming your order; along with the questionnaire (found next to the order receipt). Then, return your completed questionnaire to us via the dashboard or through email at [email protected] no later than three (3) months after the order date. Otherwise, you will lose your order.
  • The turnaround time will start only after receipt of your completed questionnaire and/or other information, and NOT on the date when you made the order.
After which, our Support Team will send you an e-mail giving the date when we will send the INITIAL DRAFT of your resume (via dashboard).
  • The resume you will get on the due date is only the INITIAL DRAFT, and not the FINAL COPY. If you agree to make it final, you must confirm it to your writer by e-mail, telling him/her to finalize your order(s).
  • Should you want anything changed, you may send an e-mail to your writer regarding it. The writer will then revise the copy until you are satisfied with the result.
  • Upon confirming by e-mail that you agree with the completion of your resume, we will send you the final copy.


1. All our writers work from Mondays through Fridays, Pacific Standard Time (PST). Should you request for revision on weekends, your writer can attend to your concerns in the coming Monday. Please understand that we will revise your resume until you are fully satisfied with the copy.
2. However, if you reached more than four revisions, we will assume you like the draft and want to advance with the completion of the copy.

Acknowledgment Form:

1. We will send you an Acknowledgment Form, along with the final copies of your resume and its inclusions to confirm that we have completed and closed your order.


Expiration and Reactivation:

1. All unfinished projects expire after six (6) months from sign-up date. If revisions will be made after expiration, you will be required to reactivate your account by paying a reactivation fee of $30 to be able to continue with the revision process.
2. You will be allowed to continue with the revision of your resume within three (3) months after the reactivation date.

Resume Posting:

1. We only accept posting of resumes within U.S. and Canada job sites. The resume will be posted only once.
2. You need to pay additional $25 if revisions were to be made on the resume already posted. Furthermore, we will charge you $25 if you decide to remove the resumes from the job sites.


Unless special arrangements are made, the turnaround time for all resume services will be five (5) business days. Please be reminded though, that the said turnaround time will take effect upon receipt of completed questionnaire and/or other information, not on the date of sign up.


Though we commit ourselves toward excellent customer service, fact is, we cannot please everybody. There are instances that some clients are not satisfied with the outcome of our services; and because we offer services, not products, we do not offer a full refund. But since we are committed to providing you superior customer service, we will work with you throughout the process to resolve any issues you may have with your order. In this regard, following are our refund guidelines:
1. Full refund will only be allowed within 24 hours after sign up. After 24 hours, the project is considered commenced and it will be assigned to our pool of resume writers. In the event that you decide to cancel the project after signing up, you are only allowed to receive 90 percent (90%) of the cost of the service you purchased; the ten percent (10%) will serve as an administrative fee.
2. In the event that an initial draft was sent, and you decide to terminate your resume project with us, we will only refund 75% of the cost of the service(s) you purchased. However, if you received an initial draft, and one to two complete revisions, we will refund you with only 60% of the amount of the service(s) you purchased.
3. For rush service, the rush fee will not be refunded if the service was delivered on or before the due date.
4. Please be reminded though, that any refund transaction via phone conversation will not be honored. You need to inform us in writing that you are not satisfied with the service and would like to request for a refund. This should be done within two (2) days or (48 hours) after receipt of your draft. The Billing Department will send you a Refund Request Form (RRF), which you need to fill up and send back to formalize the order cancellation request.
This refund policy is enforced without exception because it is understood that you have read and reviewed this agreement prior to signing up. We are doing this to protect the company and our employees.
In addition, any percentage of refund will not take effect if:
1. You have approved the resume draft we sent, as evidenced by the e-mail conversation with your assigned writer or with our Support Team.
2. If the project has been terminated for reasons unrelated to our service.
3. If we do not hear back from you for more than three (3) months.
Resume Valley’s vision is to become a trusted online provider of resume writing services, not only here in the United States, but also in other countries. Our team of professional writers is equipped with superior writing skills and is skilled at crafting a compelling resume that will produce successful results.
Resume Valley has produced thousands of job-winning resumes—the reason behind our portfolio of satisfied clients that can vouch of our expertise in the resume writing industry. Purchase any of our resume writing service, and be a step closer to the career that’s meant for you!
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