CV Writing Tips for Technology-Related Jobs

CV Writing Tips for Technology-Related Jobs

Do you want to go more than your current IT or any technological post? Well, a superb application tool can help you seize that position.

Find out what effective CV writing tips can do to your next job quest.

Use the “Attention Zone.”

The “attention zone” is on the middle part or below the upper half of the first page of your resume. Employers do not read resumes but focus on the middle part of the page alone before they make a decision.

Thus, you must place your marketable assets on this part to attract employers. Craft a summary of your qualifications and skills. Through this, you will be able to show your true worth to their company.

Make the Most out of the Page.

The length of your resume depends on your experience. If you have a one-year practice and came up with a four-page resume, your lack may be more obvious. Even if you worked in the technical field for many years, a one-page resume can still sum up your work history.

Make the most of a two to three one-page resume with the following:

  • Use bullets to highlight experiences, achievements, and skills.
  • Go straight to the point and avoid lengthy descriptions in citing experience.
  • Add just the required skills and competencies.
  • Omit the objective section, unless you want a career change.

Mind the Dates.

In your work history, give the date of your employment in each company. Most firms want to know how long you worked, as well as, how long you did not have work. This helps them see your competence, loyalty, and diligence.

Stress Achievements, Not Just Duties.

Your technical tasks are vital but they are only a part of a set of requirements. It is much better to focus on your achievements.

Hiring managers have met many bright applicants working in such a post, as well. Thus, showing your leadership skills may give you an edge. Your technical and non-technical knowledge make you a stronger candidate.

Writing a job summary is giving your future boss an impressive outline of your assets as an expert. If your tool gives a better view of what you can add to the growth of the business then, you are a step closer to your goal.

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