Job seeker taking tips on current resume trends

Resume Trends You Need to Master This 2020

Job seeker taking tips on current resume trends

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Job search arena can be easily influenced by factors such as technology and global events. This is especially evident today that we are rebounding from the COVID-19 pandemic. But don’t let these affect your will to achieve your dream job. You can still pursue your aspired career even with the challenges. All you have to do is to keep yourself informed with the current resume trends. Read and note these tips from our career experts.

The Future of Job Search

In order to accommodate more job hopefuls, firms have imbibed technology into their job hiring process. Let’s look on how tech trends shape the future of job search and ways in which you can use them to your own advantage.

AI-Powered Job Hiring Systems

Writing your resume to impress your hiring managers? While that is a great practice, you must also consider the bots that might assess your job search tool. According to Jobscan, about 98.8% of Fortune 500 companies use applicant tracking system (ATS) in their hiring process. They use this software to draw qualified applications from the job search pool. Aside from the ATS, employers today use machine learning aid to check your preliminary screening tests to preserve the objectivity of the process.

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Social Media Recruitment

Apart from job posting sites, social media platforms are also gaining light among recruiters. According to a blog posted by The Muse, “94% of recruiters use or plan to use social media in their recruitment efforts.” While LinkedIn remains a popular choice for career search, Facebook and Twitter job search postings also grow steadily. Through these, they could reach more prospective job applicants.

Digital Portfolio Building

Add extra “wow” to your application with the help of a digital portfolio. If you’re in the creative field, it’s best for you to build an online portfolio such as websites, video channels, and personal blogs. These will help you curate your professional works in a single and easily accessible space. Further, this is a good way to track your progress as an artist.

Demand for Transferrable Skills

The year 2020 has proven that more than mastering technical skills, staff must also be capable of handling unforeseen events such as COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, hiring managers look for applicants with adaptable personality and emotional intelligence. To present these skills, you must emphasize specific traits. Include communication skills, leadership, teamwork, and the ability to multi-task into your job search tool.

Use of Mobile Devices

Today’s wide use of mobile phones has also paved the way for several modern job search trends. Smart Recruiters says, “Job searches from mobile devices now exceed 1 billion per month.” This rate may even increase for the next ten years since most of the job seekers today are millennials or Gen Z. Since mobile phones are handy, it’s easier for both recruiters and job searchers to use them for checking emails. The only downside of using mobile phones is that they may affect the quality of documents. So, better watch out for this trend and make your job search tools mobile-friendly.

Resume Writing Tips to Conquer Current Resume Trends

Interviewing job seekers presenting their resume with current resume trends

Like technology, job search trends change very often. Hence, your old resume might not be enough to beat today’s job competition. Fret no more; our resume experts will share you career tips that you can include in your resume writing style.

Make Your Resume ATS-Friendly

Indeed, career search today is much more challenging since we need to deal with both AI bots and human eyes. Write an ATS-friendly resume without sounding too cyborg with the use of resume keywords. Sprinkle enough resume keywords throughout your cover letter and resume.

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Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

If you want to build your online presence, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to start. Create or update LinkedIn profile and connect with hundreds of professionals in your own field. Use this social media site as a tool for link building.

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Update Your Creative Portfolio or Virtual Resume

Make good use of virtual space by building your personal blog. Upload your works in a site and promote it among your colleagues. You may also take this as a chance to build your personal brand and let your employers know your strengths.

Highlight Transferrable Skills

Taking a break this year? Don’t worry; employers are aware of the struggles in the job market today. Instead of emphasizing these gap years, invest in improving your transferrable skills by taking online courses. Today, hiring managers also want staff with soft skills as much as they pay attention to hard skills.

Use Proper Resume Format

To be sure, save your resume both in Word and PDF. Why? Because not all companies are using ATS. Yes, PDF can preserve your layout. However, it can’t be read by most ATS. So, save your resume in both files. Furthermore, include your first name, last name, and desired position in the filename.

You can find for more career tips for 2020 online. However, if you’re not poised enough to write your own after reading these current resume trends, you can hire expert resume writers. Hire the best professional resume writer from Resume Valley! Achieve your dream career with us!