Artist drafting his creative resume

Creative Resume Writing Guide for 2020

Artist drafting his creative resume

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With the continuous advancements in technology, many young professionals take this chance to venture in one of the most promising fields today, the creative industry. With this, the creative industry never ceases to amaze us with new opportunities. Be one of the successful professionals in this track and land your target job with the help of our 2020 creative resume writing guide.

What is a Creative Resume

If you’re opting to present your skills and feats in a manner that bucks convention, writing a creative resume is your best way to go. Unlike traditional resumes, creative resume templates use graphics and videos to showcase one’s artistic prowess. Usually, these resumes are sent online, along with one’s online portfolio, video sample, or personal website.

When to Use Creative Resume Format

Creative resume format embodies the unique design skills of a job seeker. No doubt, creative resumes are truly eye-catching and inventive. However, this resume format is not fitting for all industries. For instance, this style might not work well with engineering, accounting, or healthcare sectors which require skills and qualifications not needing creative visuals. But if you’re planning to enter a career in the creative industry, then this format is the perfect chance to flaunt artistic flair.

Multimedia artists use this creative resume format to show their skills and experiences through various visual elements. This allows them to display graphic designs that can’t be translated into words. That said; this resume format has easily become the top choice of many graphic artists, video editors, and filmmakers.

Dos and Don’ts of Creative Resume Writing

Young designer at work writing creative resume

Are you planning to draft your own creative resume? Read these creative resume writing tips to help you craft one that will surely impress your hiring managers.

Do include visual elements

One reason why this resume format is popular amongst creative thinkers is due to their ability to customize it with their own graphics and layout styles. This is your time to unleash your creativity in making your own icons and palettes.

Do work on your brand

Take this chance to introduce your personal brand. Use colors that captures your personality. Create your own brand logo and design your own icons. Combine all these elements together to create your one-of-a-kind creative resume.

Do keep it creative yet cohesive

Don’t be too stiff and stuffy in making your creative resume designs. You have the freedom to choose your own layout but always make sure that each detail complements each other. Highlight your skills and unique ideas because those will set you apart from others.

Don’t plagiarize

Just like other forms of art, your resume depicts your own expression. Don’t fall for the trap of copying others’ work because it says so much about your work ethic. It’s fine to get inspiration from others’ works, but don’t copy the entire thing and claim it as your own.

Don’t be too wordy

Instead of writing elaborate sentences, use your clever mind to make it more visual and less wordy. Putting a block of words into your job search tool will defeat the purpose of the icons and other visuals included.

Don’t forget your goal

At the end of the day, your main target is to impress your hiring managers and snag the job. Hence, all your creative efforts must be arranged in a manner that will convey your strengths. You have the freedom to include your personal style but don’t get too carried away that you’ll lose track of your goal.

Creative Resume Design Sample

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Creative Resume Sample with Dos and Don’ts

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Career options for artistic individuals are endless. With the right amount of skills and passion, you’ll be able to land your target job in no time. Impress your hiring managers with your creative resume! Apply our tips and find inspiration from our sample piece. If you need extra help in presenting your masterpiece, career experts from Resume Valley is here to help you. Find the best resume writing service for you or talk to our team to know more.