a hiring manager and an applicant shaking hands before the job interview

Quick Interview Tips

With the growth in the number of job seekers nowadays, it seems impossible to stand out in a crowd. Limited job opportunities and many potential applicants really create a tough competition for a singular position. Most interviewers analyze your actions, reactions, responses, behavior, and habits before, during, and after the interview. For them, what you show is enough for them to know you.

It is, however, important to remember these reminders, which applicants tend to forget. Here are some quick interview tips and reminders job seekers usually forget:

  1. Remember to bring these important items with you:
    • Extra pen. Sometimes it is better to be prepared than asking your interviewer for a pen.
    • Extra copy of your curriculum vitae. You may have submitted it already, but, like I said, it is better to be prepared. Some interviewer asks for another copy and you should have an extra.
    • Additional sheet for your references, so that when you are asked you are prepared.
    • Your prepared question(s). This, however, is optional.
  2. Make sure you practice your handshakes. It should be firm, but not hard and relaxed. This will show your confidence and professionalism. Practice it with a friend, so you could ask for feedback. Sweaty palms or hands? Here is a quick tip for you:
    Some people have active sweat glands on their hands, under pressure or not. They have a tendency to avoid handshakes. Make sure your hands have less sweat, possibly none at all, or else it would be a turn off. Discretely run your palm onto your skirt or pants, to wipe some if not most of the sweat. It may sound unusual, but this is a more discrete way than wiping it with your handkerchief. No interviewer would want to shake a sweaty hand.
  3. Be sure you are dressed properly for the interview. Not over or under dressed. Be conservative, formal, and professional. Remember that first impressions will always last.
    Impression on cleanliness:
    For ladies, check your nails. If you have polished nails make sure it has not been chipped off. Remove it, if it is, because it shows your cleanliness. Your hands and nails indicate how you take care of yourself. For men, make sure your shoes are polished. Dirty shoes create an impression that you are not serious and prepared for the job. Interviewers usually observe the cleanliness of an applicant.
  4. List down the following:
    • Weaknesses and strengths;
    • Skills, experience, and work attitude;
    • Interests, character, values, and career goals

This will allow your potential employer to know in a nutshell who you are, what you are capable of, and what you could offer their company. But do not exaggerate or you may be tempted to lie. For your weaknesses, learn how to deal with it or solve it. The interviewer will surely ask what you will do to improve this weak area.

There are many interview tips available out there, but these are left unnoticed. You can and will continue to acquire some knowledge, skills, and other tips during your job hunting. Just open your mind to the criticisms or comments given to you. Learn to change for the better, so that in your next interview you could land the job.

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