resume tips in 2017

Resume Tips In 2017: A Career Makeover with Ease

resume tips in 2017Few months from now 2016 will finally come to a close. Thus, everyone is excited to welcome the coming year with a fresh start. Whether you’re searching for a job or shifting to a new career, let these resume tips in 2017 keep you updated with recent career trends.

Top Resume Tips in 2017

1. Use Social Media

Social media nowadays is not only used to share photos and shout outs. It is now considered one of the most effective tools when looking for a job. Use your online presence for your advantage. Thus, keep your LinkedIn profile updated and let the recruiters know that you are a good hire.

2. Highlight Results

When looking for a job, remember that employers are more interested in what you have accomplished and not with your tasks. They can always find someone who will do the job, but finding the one who will do it with excellence is a different story.

3. Creative Resume

Present your skills in a new light by submitting a creative resume. Thus, a lot of employers are embracing this recent trend because they only have limited time to screen each application tool. Use visual information such as graph or images to highlight your accomplishments.

4. Tech Knowledge

Knowing what’s in and out of technology is also an advantage. Thus, list all the apps and programs that are specific to your industry and make sure you know something about them.

5. Personal Brand

One of the hottest resume tips in 2017 that will help you ace a job search is creating a personal brand. How do you like to be recognized? What sets you apart from other candidates? These are the questions that you should pay attention to.

6. Forget about ATS

Recent research shows that employers are now more considerate in using ATS (applicant tracking system) software because it limits the chances of finding the perfect candidate. Thus, applicants don’t have to limit the use of keywords in writing their resume.

Wouldn’t it be nice to welcome the coming year with your dream job? While giving your resume a makeover sounds a daunting task, these resume tips in 2017 will surely give you a glimpse of how employers would want to see your application.

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