18 Most Suitable Professions for Introverts

What is an introvert? By definition, an introvert is a shy and reticent person. Contrary to popular belief though, a person like this can interact normally with others. It just takes greater effort on their part. But like everyone else, they deserve to have careers they will feel comfortable and most productive in.

If you consider yourself an introvert, here’s a list of the most suitable jobs for you:

1. Animal Care Worker

Animal Worker

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Hang out with cute animals instead of people by working in the animal care and service industry (e.g. veterinary technician, staff at an animal rescue organization).

2. Archivist


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Archivists collect, organize, preserve, and give access to valuable records and archives.

3. Librarian

Loudly whistles

Ah, silence. If you enjoy peace and quiet, reading books, and shushing other people, then a job in the library is perfect for you.

4. Court Reporter

Court Reporter

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Not exactly the most stress-free job in the world, but it’s repetitive enough to be considered soothing.

5. Social Media Manager

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Most people who are not good at talking to people face-to-face are excellent in communicating virtually. Use Facebook, Twitter, and many more to promote businesses.

6. Statistician

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Collect, analyze, interpret, and present data by integrating statistical knowledge and proficiency in others subjects.

7. Corporate Accountant

Looks at long roll of paper
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According to Frank Green, President of the Atlanta-based staffing firm ExecuSource, “With corporate tax accounting, the position is very cerebral, investigative, and research-oriented. It’s an introvert’s paradise.”

8. Clinical Lab Technician

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If you like being alone, bodily fluids, and blood, then you can be a Clinical Lab Technician. Most of your work can be done privately.

9. Electrician

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Electricians are in demand, well-paid, and undisturbed when working, making it a decent field for introverts.

10. Writer

This is good!
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There are different types of writers and salary range will depend on your field. But you can work alone most of the time, so good deal, yeah?

11. Graphic Designer

You pay me to art, sir

Graphic design lets you express your thoughts through images. This profession lets you work long, uninterrupted hours, especially if you’re a freelancer.

12. Website Developer

Web Developer

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If you want to live in solitude while making big bucks, a software programming career is something you should look into.

13. IT Professional

we have technology

More often than not they deal with either computer software or hardware. Human interaction is usually at a minimum and is on a virtual capacity.

14. Video game artist

Graphic Artist

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These people usually interact more with friends and enemies in the virtual world than in the real one. They also do their work in this method.

15. Professional Netflix Binge Watcher

watches television

This is a real thing. Netflix actually hires people to watch its streaming content and tag them with genres.

16. Forester


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Be one with nature, not people. This job involves a lot of time alone, managing forests, lakes, parks, etc.

17. Small-engine mechanic


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Because this is a job that requires keen attention to detail, there’s not a lot of socialization that occurs in this job. The pay is somewhere in the middle of the wage scale.

18. Petroleum geologist



Petroleum geologists model and monitor large engineering projects while earning $124,500/ year. Also, they aren’t usually surrounded by a crowd making it the ideal career.

No matter what personality an individual has, he/she deserves the best career possible.

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Source: Business Insider, Buzz Feed

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