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26 Tools that Will Be of Great Use to Freelancers

two male workersNowadays, more and more professionals are discovering the advantages of freelancing; you’re your own boss, you control your own time, and you don’t have to succumb to office politics.

But just because you decided to freelance doesn’t mean you can simply start taking in projects. You first need to have the necessary tools that will help make your tasks easier and ensure your productivity.

Below you will find 26 of the most recommended freelancing tools out in the market. Note: Some of them are free while others require payment.


This is basically an online countdown timer; you just need to set the time to 25 minutes or so and you’re good to go. Timer will help discipline you in finishing your tasks at an allotted time.


Toggl tracks the time you spend on tasks and puts together a report, making it easier for you to see how much time you spend on a client. This app also comes handy for invoicing clients.


RescueTime tracks how you spend your time on your computer. It analyzes your online activity so you can improve your productivity.

Focus Booster

This tool operates by using the Pomodoro Technique which lets you work for 25 minutes and follows it with 5 minutes of rest.



The most useful app here is the OpenOffice Writer; it allows for easy exporting to PDF, comes with almost all the features and fonts available in Microsoft Office, and it’s free.

WriteRoom (Mac)

This tool ensures distraction-free writing as you’ll only be given a black background with no menu options whatsoever.

DarkRoom (PC)

DarkRoom is the WriteRoom tool for Windows-operated computers.

Zen Writer

This tool is basically the same as DarkRoom and WriteRoom; the difference is, Zen Writer is an app that’s aesthetically pleasing.

Logline App

It’s another helpful writing tool originally made for writing screenplays. It is unfortunately exclusive to Mac users.


More advanced than Word’s grammar checker, Grammarly recognizes 250+ types of errors that are handy for email composition, blog commenting, or other kinds of online writing.



Dropbox is a service that keeps all your digital files safe and synced to any other computer or device linked to your account.

Now Do This

Considered as the simplest task manager, Now Do This allows you to create a simple text list that you can simply label as DONE once you’ve accomplished it. No fancy features here.

Oh Don’t Forget… 

Send yourself SMS’ that will serve as reminders any time of any day. Go to their website; type in your cell number, date and time you wish to receive the text, and the content.


This is an organizational tool that is best for collaborations. Tasks are separated into boards and it’s easy to see who’s working on what. Deadlines can also be set.


It’s a cloud-based task management app that allows users to manage their tasks from different computers and devices.



It’s one of the most famous social media management systems that allow users to manage all their social network accounts using one dashboard.


Tweroid analyzes your followers’ activity on Twitter; you’ll receive a detailed chart showing the time wherein your audiences are most active.


This app is a follow-up to Tweroid and allows you to schedule your tweets to post during your followers’ “peak hours”.


This is a tool ran by WordPress and is a basic social sharing plugin that guarantees easy scheduling of post publishing and social media sharing.



This is a free, easy, and beautiful tool that allows users to manage their finances.


It’s an all-in-one contact and task organizational system that lets you save time and effort.


Considered as the number one client proposal tool on the web today, Bidsketch lets you create, edit, and send proposals to current and prospective clients.


Taking screenshots has never been easier with Lightshot. It works for both Mac and Windows, and it connects to your system’s original screenshot functionality.

Ninja Outreach

An advanced outreach tool that freelancers need to reach and connect with clients and bloggers, Ninja Outreach helps you discover people worth contacting.


It’s a simple email marketing software that allows you to create different kinds of newsletters and gives you the option to share them on social media sites.

Like everything else in the world, freelancing has its pros and cons. If you find that this industry is not meant for you, have a professional resume handy so you can opt to a better career path.

Source: Hongkiat, Lifehack
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