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A 360-Degree-Turnaround and a Great Resume

woman trying to create a great resumeEvery year, the job market is bringing out newer challenges and stiffer situations. Of course, staying ahead of the competition must be your ultimate goal to be noticed and be hired.

Prepping up for the 2014 job search demands innovative ways of presenting yourself to employers. Successful job hunters know that building credibility and a trustworthy image works with most employers. Unfortunately, embracing old practices and means for job application won’t work these days.

The Making of a Great Resume

Here’s how to have a great resume and how to make a full turn to move along with the new millennium:

In Different File Formats

If you find it enough to fill in information to a free-form resume, there’s a lot of catching up to do. It’s alright to keep your document in a Microsoft Word template. But today’s hiring managers read your application online, on laptops, smartphones, or tablets. You must keep a copy of your application in various formats for easy uploading onto job board databases and to ensure format compatibility.

Incorporate Some Design and Vividness

Nowadays, providing personal information in a black-and-white form lacks luster and is tedious to read. Although traditional CV still works, a touch of little artistry is more impressive to most recruiters. Have the freedom to integrate some visuals to keep the eye of recruiters stuck. You will become more interesting, as well as your potentials and work performance.

Weave Evidence of Good Qualities and Values

For sure, you have Facebook and Twitter accounts. You have to maintain ethical and decent engagements in these social media sites. Potential employers check your social media accounts to investigate your personality and reliability.

Intensify Your Professional Branding

It is also an edge if you have a Web site or a blog. Use social media sites to have involvement in intellectual discussions and debates. This enhances the professional appeal and strengthens your online presence.

Upkeep Online Visibility

One way to boost visibility is to have a LinkedIn profile and to maintain its content. This account can make you highly searchable to employers by simply adding relevant keywords. These keywords can be qualities or skills employers are looking for. Definitely, include your LinkedIn URL on your resume and put it under “Industry Profile.” You can also mention here relevant LinkedIn groups, industry blogs, or other professional associations where you are a member.

There you have it, some ways to prepare yourself and become remarkable to employers. Remember, you only need two things: a great resume and adopting new strategies. If you want to have an effective resume, visit our services page or call (812) 438-9711.

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