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8 Things a Good Resume Like Yours Must Not Have

You might already have your resume all set. But before you submit it for applications, you might want to do a quick review. Here are a few things you should remove to make sure that you are sending out a good resume to your target firms.

What a Good Resume Must Not Have

1. Unrelated Job Experience

If you enjoyed being a crew for a famous fast food company after graduation, and yet you are applying for an accounting position, better not include this job experience. You should only count in relevant experiences to help boost your chances of getting the job.

2. Strange Objectives

You might aim to be the next president of the country but leave it out of your application details. Even if you have the knack for it, it still is something you might want to keep personal for now. Your job objectives should focus and gear toward your target position and company.

3. Irrelevant Achievements

So, you’re the best shuffleboard player in the state, eh? Well, putting that on your resume won’t do you any good. Boast it around with your friends but an employer won’t pay you any mind if you opted to put it on your credentials. One tip: Put in some achievements related to the job you are aiming for.

4. Physical Characteristics

You might have the perfect body measurements, but it won’t matter to your employer. Your vital statistics is not a priority when a recruiter reviews your profile. You might as well put in professional skills that will get you the job.

5. Crazy Hobbies

You collect Barbie dolls. Okay. It may not sound too crazy but that is sure to be a crazy thing to put on your resume. If you want to put in some hobbies in your application, just include something that will impress your recruiter. Something that will say that you are a credible candidate for the job you wanted.

6. Vague Words and Bad Grammar

Proofread and avoid using vague words. You might want to show off your expansive vocabulary but your career profile is not the right venue for it. Keep things simple and free from errors.

7. Unprofessional E-mail Address

Setting up a new e-mail address won’t cost you a dime and will only take 5 minutes max. So don’t you dare use your e-mail address that says [email protected]. It will not get you the job.

8. Personal and Private Details

There are details about you that you might rather not include in your resume. A good resume must embody professionalism so you should leave out personal and private information instead.

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