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10 Common Exit Interview Questions You Should Expect

be prepared with common exit interview questions

When an employee resigns from his job, he may have an interview arranged by the human resources (HR) department in his leaving. You call this an exit interview. If you’re in for this final one-on-one with an HR staff, learn the common exit interview questions to prepare possible answers. In particular, understand why the company does the interview.


The HR managers ask for an exit interview because they want to learn why you’re leaving the company. From your viewpoint, treat it rather as your chance to offer constructive criticism and leave without hard feelings, just mutual respect and good relations.

In fact, an exit interview is a unique chance to assess your views and sentiments. Besides, your answers offer a richer source of feedback than what workers can give when they answer typical staff behavior surveys.

Most Common Exit Interview Questions

Knowing how to handle an exit interview with tact is important in advancing your professional life and moving on to your next your career path. Thus, to make things easy for you, listed below are ten exit interview questions that HR representatives often ask resigning employees.

  1. Why are you leaving the company?
  2. Did something trigger your decision to leave?
  3. How was your relationship with your manager?
  4. What did you like most/least in your job?
  5. What was least satisfying in your job?
  6. Have you felt ready or had enough training to do your job well?
  7. Were you happy with your salary, benefits, and incentives?
  8. Based on your experience with the company, what will it take to succeed here?
  9. Will you consider working for us again someday?
  10. Will you recommend our company as a good place to work to your friends and relatives?

Pieces of Advice

Remember, no matter how prepared you are, the HR staff may ask you something you’re not ready to answer. Hence, what should you do? Think for a moment. Further, don’t rush to answer. Yet, if you can’t give a proper answer, it won’t affect you. Don’t guess and never lie. In addition, an exit interview is a chance for honest and valuable talk about the position and the company you’re leaving.

Read another set of common exit interview questions, though, to make things go well and ace your “final bow.”

After this, prepare a winning resume for your next job hunt. Then again, create one that will show your earlier experience in the best light. If you can’t, use civilian resume and CV samples as guide. Better yet, hire Resume Valley’s resume writing services.

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