Five Reasons to Create the Best Resume on LinkedIn

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Five Reasons to Create the Best Resume on LinkedInIn terms of job hunting, LinkedIn has become one of the best platforms. Social networking has changed recruitment procedures so much. Most employers today search for ideal job candidates on such sites—and that is one good news for job hunters! Turn your profile into the best resume they cannot ignore.

Why Create a LinkedIn Profile
In this challenging times, having an edge helps. Can a LinkedIn profile promote your marketability? Listed below are five reasons to create your account on this social networking site.

  1. Smart way to pin recruiters. Is it not wise to tread where recruiters go? Large companies hunt new talents on LinkedIn. A well-written, up-to-date, and interesting profile can pin recruiters. If you have one, you may get calls for interviews. LinkedIn is free. You can enjoy a less expensive way to find a job.
  2. Best channel to connect with people. Build good relationships with professionals within your niche by joining groups and engaging in forums. Keep a professional network with like-minded people who can use good words to describe you to boost your personal branding.
  3. Positive impression to spur. With LinkedIn, you can flaunt a decent and professional profile. Managers can read it, so it will be best to include your skills, achievement, and experience.
  4. Great means to gain credibility. Employers take third party endorsements as a reliable gauge of your credibility, so build your personal brand by getting recommendations.
  5. Simple step to increase online presence. LinkedIn ranks high in Google searches. If you have a LinkedIn profile, it will appear on the list when hiring managers search for your name. Even if you are not applying for a job, having an account can lead you to better careers.

Job hunting is a hard and time-consuming task. Instead of spending most of your time looking for jobs, why not keep a LinkedIn profile. If impressive, employers will regard you as an expert in the field. It serves as the best resume that markets you to recruiters.

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Philemon OnesiasFive Reasons to Create the Best Resume on LinkedIn