Four Clever Tips to Avoid Chronic Job-Hopping

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Tired of creating resumeJob hoppers hop for many reasons: job mismatch, self-discovery, to earn more money, to learn more skills, to boost networks, among others.

Chronic job-hopping can boost you career if you do it right but can also affect you in a negative manner. Break that habit and avoid worse scenarios by heeding the following tips from a curriculum vitae (cv) template and professional writing service provider, ResumeValley.

1) Recognize what you want. One way to break your job-hopping pattern is identifying what you want. Once you recognize it, you will have a focus in the pursuit of your career goals.

2) Follow the two-year rule. According to the two-year rule created by Career Expert Yun Siang Long, you must spend at least two years in the firm before you quit. Why? Because “You need to deal with the learning curve”, says Mr. Long. If you often jump from one job to another, you won’t learn much. As the guru said, it takes a year for a worker to learn everything about the business and another year before he can be valuable to the company.

3) Learn to be stable. Many well-established companies invest on fresh graduates and novices. But before they do it, they review first the person’s previous accomplishment records, whether he is worth the training or not. However, most firms invest in stable employees because they can give back to the company. If you are always bouncing around from one job to the next, you suggest that you’re not ready to commit.

4) Make “learning” your main goal. Let the skills and knowledge you will learn in a company be your driving force. Those skills and information will help you in your career feat in the long term. Once you see the benefits of committing to a company willing to train you for over two years, you will not be job-hopping a lot anymore.

There’s nothing wrong with changing jobs to pursue opportunities. But too much job-hopping is hard to explain, making you the lesser candidate to win a job. Whatever your actual reasons or motivations are, give the hiring manager the impression you are a reliable and stable person.

If you have other tips to avoid chronic job-hopping, share them with ResumeValley, an expert cv template and writing service provider, by posting them on the comments section. For more blogs and articles on career improvement, browse through our pages.


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Philemon OnesiasFour Clever Tips to Avoid Chronic Job-Hopping