Astronaut in space

10 Things Spacesuits and Job Search Tools and Apps Have in Common

Astronaut in space

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A character in Star Trek once said, “Improve a mechanical device and you may double productivity. But improve man; you gain a thousand-fold.” Even if you’re not a Star Trek fan, the truth in these words might strike you. People nowadays use gadgets such as mobile and laptop to make life easier. Today’s technology promotes efficiency in every way especially in job hunting. Hence, these job search tools and apps are here to save the day.

Building Your Spacesuit of Job Search Tools and Apps

Astronaut in space

While Mr. Google is the go-to guide of everybody these days, as a professed tech-savvy, you should up your game. To preserve your self-image and to organize your career well, here are ten tech tools and apps for job search. Just imagine you are an astronaut suiting up for your next interplanetary adventure. Make sure these parts of your astro-suit are in order.

1. Space Helmet: Your Online Resume

Your resume allows you to sell yourself as the professional in the selected field of your choice. Hiring companies use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) nowadays, so in order for your resume to standout, you must include industry keywords and skills in your resume. While the internet provide resume templates, it’s best if your paper appeals to both machine and humans who will check your resume.

If you don’t have the skills to create a stellar resume, try resume writing services. Resume writing could be tedious for applicants, so it’s best to hand this task to experts. Your resume is your helmet that covers you as you head out in the galaxy called work.

2. Temperature Control: Company Review Sites

It’s time to search for jobs for techies. Before sending your resume, you should check whether the company fits you and your technical skills. If you study the company you plan to apply for, you might have a glimpse of their pros and cons. Is the company doing well? Do they take care of their employees? The sites that contain company reviews are and

3. Life Support System: Salary Comparison Sites

In looking for tech jobs, you should find out what is the current market value for the position you wish. This aids you to decide your expected salary. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the market value range. Feel free to check out and for salary calculators and comparisons.

4. Lights: Field Specific Job Boards

While many apps for jobseekers are available online, try to limit your hunt in the job boards related to your specialty. These lights will guide you for that perfect job. With general job search tools and apps, you might get confused with so many entries that may appear as you search page by page. Hence, you must focus on your ability by using field specific job boards. Visit these sites for tech jobs: and

5. Communication Connector: Contact Manager

No matter how much you want to be alone with your computer, sometimes, you need to talk with people. Brush up your communication skills without hitches! Use contact manager apps to organize your contacts. You don’t need to fret in building your networks. Your chances of being hired increase through referrals. Go on use your communication connector.Try Cloze, PureContact, truecallerID, or Sync.ME.

6. Display and Control Mobile: Online Work Diary

If you are looking for job search tools, you must have an online work diary. Your life will be easier because you can organize your job applications. This is your way to display and control your tasks. Keep track of your progress in interviews and activities. Popular apps you must include are Google Calendar and Evernote.

7. Sun Visor: Career Finder/Job Explorer

Be prepared to stay in the sun. In your quest to find the perfect job, offers might get you sidetracked. Avoid distractions by using career finder apps as your sun visor! These apps allow you to gauge which industry you best fit. You must answer the form as honest as possible so you get the most out of it. and offers you career aptitude tests and quizzes to find the job for you!

8. Oxygen Control: Social Media

As social media junkies, you must have at least one or three social media accounts to vent out, right? In using social media, you must be careful on what you post. Potential employers are now on social media. Companies set up their social media presence not only to interact with clients but to scout for best candidates in the field, as well. Try to connect with your target companies through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

9. Liquid Cooling and Airing Garment: Your Professional Network

Because building trust with your contacts is necessary, you should update them what you regularly carry out. This is your way of building their confidence to prove that you are a worthy contact. This serves as your cooling and airing garment as it regulates your stand in the field. Connect and impress your network in LinkedIn or BeKnown.

10. Astronaut Boots: Other Job Search Tools and Apps

Include email signature in your email. When you send resumes to companies, take advantage of this space to tell them of your brand. Take this chance to inform them of what you can do.

Your business card reader saves you valuable space and time in organizing the business cards you receive. Instead, snap a photo of the card and use apps such as Full Contact and CamCard.

Your on-the-go resume is your resume in digital form—accessible when a potential network asks you for a copy and you don’t have a printed copy on-hand. Save it in your Google Drive or Dropbox and share it even via mobile.

Your elevator pitch could break any job opportunity. Customize your pitch for every possible occasion. Tell hirers what problems you can solve for your future employer. Improve your pitch with MyPitch App.

job search tools and apps

With your astro-suit of job search tools and apps in full gear, are you ready to blast off towards the galaxy of work? Strengthen your resume with the help of the experts. Now prepare for takeoff!|||||||||

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