Best Job Portal Sites for Canadian Programmers

In Career, Job Search by Philemon Onesias

There are many different ways to find a job in Canada. The more ways you use, the better your chances. The most common and probably the most effective way that people find and apply for jobs is using the web. The internet is an excellent research medium with a number of websites that provide opportunities to employees throughout Canada. The following is a list of major Canadian job portal sites for programmers.

job portal sites

1. Monster

As its name suggests, Monster is a massive website that includes one of the largest job listings of any website. It allows you to upload your resume, and offers networking boards and search alert service so you can receive targeted job posts via email.


Under jobWings Careers and federated within, is one of the 20 specialized career sites in Canada that posts targeted job offers by sector or field.

3. SimplyHired

It features email alert services and job search saving and sorting that helps you focus on jobs that fit your qualifications.

4. CareerBuilder

It’s one of the biggest job boards and its robust search function allows you to filter several criteria. CareerBuilder partners and collects job listings from news media around Canada.

5. TotalJobs

One of the biggest job sites in the UK. With thousands of vacancies and expert career advice, this is the perfect place to start a job search.

6. Indeed

As a huge aggregator of postings from across the web, Indeed collects listings from many job boards in one place. It compiles too, info from various company career pages and allows you to search locally or globally.

7. Techvibes

The Jobs page of Techvibes lists tech-related jobs in Canada. Aside from new job listing notification, it also offers location, job status, and department filters for a more focused job search.

8. Workopolis

This large site provides weekly job alerts, job search advice, a resume builder, and job postings. It also allows you to upload your resume for employers to search.

9. Jobs in Canada

As the name implies, this site focuses on jobs in Canada. If you want a more targeted job search, you can use the links in the footer.


It is a job search website dedicated for techie people. It features various filters so you can find jobs that suit you easily.

Some companies are having problems in managing applications as they receive too many resumes on their job portal sites. It’s hard for them to process effectively, so this doesn’t guarantee you are going to get a prompt response.

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