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Best Resume Writers Rounded up the Best Ways to Advance Your Career

Everyone dreams of achieving career growth and development. Yet, it takes lots of grit, hard work, and skill. The worse is, even if you have these qualifications, you may still can’t achieve your dream. Hence, as job seekers, newbies, experienced, or career shifters, understand that achieving career goals starts with simple guidelines. Here’s how you can reach the peak of your professional life from the best resume writers.

Best Resume Writers on How to Reach Your Career Goals

For Newbies and Job Seekers

Still job searching or adjusting to your new job? Heed these tips for you.

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1. Upgrade your skill set.

Thanks to the internet and tech updates, learning a new skill to add to your job application is now easier than ever. To top it off, you can learn most of these valuable skills for free. Simply find a good online resource and you’re good to go.

2. Create and improve your online presence.

You’ll never know when a potential employer will search and visit your LinkedIn profile and other social media account. Thus, it’s best to check them and update the details on your online resume. Add your recent achievements and work experience, upload a professional looking photo, and follow groups and firms within your target field.

3. Keep in touch with ex-colleagues.

A strong network of contacts in your target field can be of great help. Aside from helpful and relevant career coaching, they can also inform you of new job vacancies. Just by keeping in touch, they can lead you to new and unexpected career opportunities.

4. Research about your target organizations.

Before you send your written resume and cover letter, inquire about businesses, federal agencies, and nonprofits that you would like to work for. Identify what they need and what you could bring to the firm. With that in mind, create a great resume that caters to their needs.

5. Take the future into account.

Plan for your career path. Start by asking yourself where do you want to be 5 years from now. To help you decide where you would like to head in the future, take stock of your current accomplishments and look for people that can serve as your role model.

For Professionals and Career Shifters

Want to climb up the corporate ladder or try a new position or industry? These career tips can help your transition.

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1. Stay optimistic.

Positive thoughts advance your career. Career experts suggest that instead of stressing yourself with office politics, it’s better to appreciate what you achieved so far. Excite yourself with the opportunities that lie ahead. If you’re in a period of career transition, consider this stage as a chance to grow in your profession.

2. Assess yourself.

Evaluate yourself if you’re already happy with your current job. Does it support and fit your passion and interests? Do you enjoy doing your assigned tasks? Do you have other potentials to unleash? Your answers to these questions will help you rate your current job satisfaction. From here, plan your next move to reach your professional goals. Even if you’re satisfied with your career, continue job hunting to give yourself endless possibilities and to open doors for greater opportunities.

3. Expect the hurdles.

Employment never goes without obstacles and challenges. Failures, criticisms, rivalries, and tough bosses may affect your career in a negative way. Hence, always come prepared into the workplace. Your ability to face them can help you look forward to or plan for future goals.

4. Value learning more than winning.

Awards, prizes, incentives, and promotions may gauge how effective you are as a worker. Remember, though, your professional life revolves not only around positive matters because learning is more important. It’s true, awards and promotions you didn’t get may hurt you, but in return they can serve as life’s lessons. Besides, they help you become a better employee and individual.

5. Take part in worthwhile activities.

If you join social projects or volunteer for a cause, you’re gaining experience, building relationships, and learning skills. Soon, they’ll shape you into a better person, ready to take on bigger roles. Aside from personal and professional growth, you can also add these to create a quality resume.

6. Set career goals.

Many employees don’t set goals but prefer to just go where the path leads them. In fact, this mindset is impractical if you expect to succeed. With no goal in mind, you won’t even know where you’re heading. Now, if you have the target and the determination to fulfill your career goals, write them, but make sure they’re “specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART)”.

7. Prepare plans A, B, and C.

Sometimes you may fail in your first try because success never goes without problems, mistakes, and failures. Further, a responsible worker expects many possibilities; thus, create several plans in case the first ones you prepared failed or didn’t work well.

Take these pieces of advice from the best resume writers and your chances of succeeding will surely soar. In case you have yet to get a job, the first step toward reaching your career goals is to write a good resume that will pass applicant tracking system. Listed as one of the top-rated resume writing services of Best10ResumeWriters, Resume Valley offers civilian resume, curriculum vitae, and LinkedIn profile resume writing services to help you in your job quest. Visit our services page to know more about our awesome offers.

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