Job Seekers’ Thoughts to Recruiters before the Interview

Have you ever encountered job applicants who don’t look as pleasing as they are in their resumes? You invited them in an interview only to hear ragged responses such as, “I’m a great team player.” Or “I’m very hardworking.” What seemed to stop them from making an impression? Is it your blank stare?

They may act politely during the process, but if only they have the freedom to share their thoughts, they’ll surely say these things:

“I’m nervous and I hope you understand that.”

Sheldon Cooper ingales and exhales in a paper bag

If you see my hands start to shake or my words begin to tremble, we hope you pretend like you don’t notice it.


“A smile will make me feel better in an instant.”

smiles nervously

It’s a simple gesture that puts us at ease in seconds.


“Please, don’t make the questions too difficult to answer.”



…or at least let me take time to answer it.


“Don’t tell me to wait for an email or a call when there’s no chance.”



I understand that hiring takes time, but I don’t want to wait in vain.


“I need this job.”



It may sound desperate, but I really need it.


“I have no idea if my answers meet your expectations, but know that I’m giving my best.”



…and I’m really tense, so most of the words just come out and I pray to find it along the way.


“Make me feel like we’re just having a casual conversation.”

good morning!

It’s another way to kindle my self-esteem and demonstrate you properly that I deserve your nod.


Your “Why do you want to work here?” question confuses me the most.



Is it the revised question of “Why should we hire you?” because if it does, I will end up with the same response…in my head.

It’s important to understand their thoughts to encourage them to showcase their capabilities to do the job. Remember that you’re once an applicant who went through the same nerve-wracking situation. Give them a good job interview experience even if they don’t fit the criterion.

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