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Michelin’s “Move Around” Program May Not be Good for All

Michellin bobble head figure on the grassYour employees will leave your company if they feel bored, stuck, and unappreciated—that is a hard fact. Most companies—if not all—try to come up with different strategies or gimmicks to make their employees stay. Bonuses, company events, and educational support are a few of these things.

But Michelin, a company we are all familiar with, came up with a unique approach that is truly effective… for them.

This is their “Flexible Career-Development Program”; Michelin encourages employees to move about the company. They have been doing this since it was founded 126 years ago and has resulted to a 97% retention rate.

Here are some facts about this approach:

  • Michelin employs nearly 400 “career managers” to assist all staff in identifying their goals and needs.
  • There are three main factors that career managers look at: Passion, Proven History, and Employee’s willingness and adaptability to change.
  • They use a three-part part during the job-placement discussion:
    – They discuss an employee’s current skill set and what he/she wants to improve.
    – The employee, along with the manager, finds relevant jobs or career paths using a job-posting system.
    – The employee can talk to employees who are working in that area they are interested in pursuing.
  • Employees are separated into two groups: those who wish to “broaden themselves” and those who aim to “go deeper”.
  • From 2009 to 2015, only 3% of their employees have quit.

It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? However, we believe that this isn’t a strategy that can work for every company, big or small. Here’s why:

Most Hiring Managers Only Look at a Candidate’s Skill Set and Experience.

Though these things are important, an applicant’s goal and vision must also be in line with that of the company’s for this technique to be effective. It’s important to look at a candidate’s heart and not just his/her resume.

Managerial Support is Hard to Guarantee

Not a lot of companies are blessed enough to have supportive, helpful, and selfless managers. Having career managers that have the employees’ best interest at heart is a crucial factor in the overall success of the career-development program.

A Lot of Employees Nowadays Don’t Know What They Want

Though there are career managers that can help them out with this dilemma, most of them still prefer to “look for the right path” on their own.

The Number of Job Hoppers is Continually Growing

Unfortunately, a huge number of employees now choose money over loyalty. They believe that staying in one company for a long time won’t benefit them in the long run, making this technique ineffective.

As an employer, you have to make your employees feel valued and taken care of. If you wish to earn their loyalty and trust, have their best interests at heart.

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