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Reasons Mock Interviews Benefit Job Applicants

ItMock job interview’s no secret that job interviews are stressful, nerve-wracking, and unpredictable. These are the reasons why job seekers believe that it’s the hardest part in the job hunt process. Though there are countless guides out there of interview “how-tos”, we cannot deny that it’s daunting.

According to Publilius Syrus, “Practice is the best of all instructors.” When it comes to job interviews, this cannot be more fitting. Mock interview is an underrated process that more job hunters should take seriously as it can give applicants the ammunition they need to blow away hiring managers. Are you still skeptical? Let’s dig into it a little further.

• You Can Monitor and Correct Your Body Language

An interview isn’t just about what you say; it’s also about how you move. Are you making proper eye contact? Are you showing positive gestures? Or are you fidgeting like a fish out of water? These things your mock interviewer can identify and help you correct if needed.

• You’ll be Less Stressed and More Confident

Knowing that you’re 100% ready for anything will make you confident—and less anxious—in any setting; it’s one of the biggest advantages of doing mock interviews. Because you’ll be asked question you’ll most likely encounter in the actual interview, you can practice your answers and your ability to think quickly on your feet.

• You’ll Receive Accurate and Helpful Feedback in a Low-Stress Environment

There’s nothing wrong with doing mock interviews with friends or family. But they may not be able to offer the same kind of feedback a professional can. A skilled interviewer will identify all your areas for improvement and give you suggestions on how to improve them, without stressing you out or hurting your feelings.

Performing mock interviews can make a huge difference in your actual interview. However, you must keep in mind that there’s a difference between practicing your answers and memorizing them word for word. Don’t set yourself up for a disaster and run through the interview responsibly.

Before anything else, make sure you have an excellent cover letter for your resume to back up all your professional greatness.


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