9 of the Worst Behaviors You Should Avoid at Work

In the workplace, we can share ideas, make new friends, enjoy benefits, and join events. That “freedom” we get can sometimes make us forget our limits which will soon affect our work ethic.

So how can you keep a good reputation? Avoid doing any—or all—of these 9 wrong behaviors at work:

1. Telling Lies

Telling Lies

No matter how good, big, or small your intention is, once you get caught up in a lie, it will be hard for you to rebuild your reputation. If you want to be happy and feel satisfied with your job, practice honesty at all times.

2. Gossiping


Talking about other people’s misdeeds and misfortunes is not part of your job description. Fueling up a rumor mill may end up hurting the feelings of others. Worst case scenario, you will appear malicious and negative.

3. Claiming other’s work as your own

Claiming other’s work as your own

Taking credit for someone else’s work is guaranteed to ruin your relationship with colleagues. If you fail to carry out your duties, you can ask for help or set goals to make it up to your boss.

4. Telling others you hate your job

i hate my job

Negative people spread negativity to others. Even if you hate your job, announcing it to the world is the last thing you want to do. Besides, your boss knows there are enthusiastic candidates waiting to replace you.

5. Bragging

I'm kind of a big deal

It’s normal to feel proud when you accomplish a task, but bragging will make you look as if succeeding is unusual to you.

6. Regularly eating smelly food

Regularly eating smelly food

Food with odor strong enough to knock a person out or leave a refrigerator smelling foul should be left at home. Don’t make your colleagues hate you because of this.

7. Backstabbing

Did my back hurt your knife?

Don’t be that colleague who says hurtful things against others behind their backs. Keep in mind that doing something this immature ruins your reputation and no one else’s.

8. Exploding at Others

Exploding at Others

Emotional hijacking shows low EQ (Emotional Intelligence) which can result to termination. If your teammate fails to meet your expectations, don’t yell or throw things at them regardless of how much they deserve it.

9. Quitting Instantaneously

That's it!

Don’t abandon a ship just because you can’t take the flood of tasks. Everyone in your team experiences trouble at one point or another. Leaving each other hanging during tough times is never the solution.

No matter how talented or skilled you are, you will not last in the workplace if you’re rude, dishonest, and uncontrollable. The key to being satisfied and happy at work is maintaining a good demeanor even if others cannot.

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