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Reasons Travelers are Good Employees, Too

TravelerIt’s not often we see a “Travel Experience” section on a resume. In fact, there’s probably no such thing—unless you’re applying for a travel blogger position. Most employers aren’t aware of this but one thing that’s for certain is people who are well-experienced in travelling make good employees.

Here are the reasons why:

• They Welcome Change

A traveler will be more open to change than someone who isn’t. In fact, the reason most people want to explore the world is because they want a change of culture, a change in scenery, and so on. This is something that excites them.

• They are Open to Learning New Languages and Culture

An applicant who is fluent in 2 or more languages can be an asset to a company who deals with international clients. He/she will be an advantage to have during meetings and conferences.

• They Handle Crisis Well

People who are used to dealing with emergencies when they travel are usually the calm ones when faced with problems in the office. It’s in an invaluable trait that cannot be taught to everybody.

• They Don’t Have a Comfort Zone

Travelers are used to thinking outside the box, being resourceful, and trying different things. They don’t believe in doing things the conventional way and this kind of ideal makes for an effective and innovative employee.

• They Have Impressive Time Management Skills

Being adept at managing time is a trait a traveler must possess. This is valuable when transferred over to a business setting as their years of “making every minute count” will help them be more productive.

• They are Team Players

It’s important for a person who travels with a group to collaborate and get along with them. So chances are he/she will be the same with colleagues and supervisors.

• They Possess Excellent Decision-Making Skills

Globetrotters are good at prioritizing and weighing pros and cons. These are two things that will be beneficial when transferred to the office.

In the words of Julius Caesar, “Experience is the teacher of all things.

Make the most of the things you’ve learned and skills you’ve honed during your backpacking days. With the help of an excellent resume builder like Resume Valley, your dream job will surely be yours.



Source: Brazen, Lifehack

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