a resume with skills section

How to Make the Skills Section in Your Resume Extremely Striking

The skills section in a resume called “areas of expertise” or “core competencies” is the part where you list the abilities you gained from training or experience. In addition, this section allows the hiring manager to skim the top part of your application tool and know your competences. Likewise, it helps you beat “resume reading robots” or the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) of employers to get your resume straight to their hands.

a resume with skills section

Other names for the skills section:

  • Functional Strengths
  • Functional Skills with Experience
  • Summary of Relevant Experience
  • Technical Acumen

Best Place for the Skills Section

From resume experts’ view, the location of the skills section depends on the job, company, and industry you’re eyeing in your job application. For a position that focuses on technical knowledge, listing them closer to the top of your resume, right below the qualifications or executive profile, is an excellent move.

Check this resume for a client who applies as customer service manager:

Skills Section Resume Valley Resume template

 customer service manager resume example to view larger

Since his target job needs a base set of skills, we have placed his technical adeptness on the upper part instead of putting them below as other abilities.

Yet, sometimes, a handful of firms give utmost importance to experience. If so, write them at the top part and place the skills section at the bottom such as this one:

skills section resume valley civilian resume template

Civilian resume example to view larger

Quick Tips for Writing the Skills Section

  • Tailor your skills to the job
    Hiring managers choose hopefuls with skills that match their need. Thus, the closer your skills to the job description, the better are your chances of getting an interview and/or the job. Likewise, if you’re an expert at something insignificant to your target job, as long as the task is relevant, include it. For example, if you’re applying for a management position at a music shop, write that you know how to play a musical instrument, too. With this, you can show you’re knowledgeable in the industry.

music shop manager playing a musical instrument

  • Add a figure if possible
    Replace common adjectives with solid numbers.

Good: Excellent in foreign languages
Fluent in English and French and proficient in German

Good: Expert typist
Better: 75WPM typist

   Note: Don’t be manic with the specifics. A handful of details are enough.

  • Organize your bullets.
    A list of four to five bullet points is just right. If you listed more, keep them sensible. For example, keep your speaking and language skills with your speaking and language skills, and your computer skills with your computer skills.

Don’t break them up like this:
– Skillful in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
– Trilingual, fluent in English, German, and Italian
– Proficient in MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
– Confident and charismatic speaker

Organize them in this manner:
– Skillful in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
– Proficient with MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
– Confident and charismatic speaker
– Trilingual, fluent in English, German, and Italian

If you want to ensure you’ll write skill section in your resume right, entrust the task to our professionals. Go check out our civilian resume writing services today!


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