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Why Hire Certified Resume Writers to Craft Your LinkedIn Profile

Today, technology impacts even the job market. Most job search and recruitment are now done on the Internet. This is why having a professional online profile such as LinkedIn is essential for your job hunt. Employers and recruiters can easily find and research about you and your works. However, crafting a flawless and attractive LinkedIn profile is no easy task. Weigh your options. Know what you should do and what certified resume writers can do for you.

What Can Certified Resume Writers Do for You

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Certified professionals in resume writing at Resume Valley can help you build or upgrade your existing LinkedIn profile. As part of our services, here’s what our résumé writers will do to boost your online presence.

1. Decide what to keep and include.

To set apart your job application tool from your LinkedIn profile, you’ll need to add some details that are not written on your resume. Our writers will add all the necessary information, context, and vivid pictures that you cut from your resume to make it one page. These include portfolio items, projects, and more skills. They’ll also leave off too much formality and tailor-made parts of your resume.

2. Customize your headline and summary.

Don’t waste your headline and summary space with marketing pitch template you’ll find online. Hiring an expert resume writer can help you succinctly showcase your specialties and value propositions. Also, he/she can walk employers and recruiters through your skills, qualifications, work passions, and industries you’ve been a part of over the years.

3. Maximize the use of target job descriptions.

Instead of just defining roles, describing the actual human who’s in it would be the best thing to do. Certified professionals can help you take advantage of the chance to tell your story and differentiate yourself. They can use the job description to briefly introduce the role, discuss goals, and focus on achievements rather than duties.

4. Utilize keywords on job posts.

Rather than stuffing your LinkedIn profile with overused buzzwords, our resume writers will use the keywords on job posts and cleverly insert them into your profile. They will scroll through your target positions and take note of the specific skills and qualifications needed so that recruiters can easily see your profile once they search using the job post keywords.

What Should You Do on Your Own

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Hiring certified resume writers doesn’t mean that they’ll do everything for you. Due to LinkedIn’s security features—SMS, IP address, and user account verification—it’s better if you do these parts of your profile on your own.

1. Create or update your own profile.

Using the final draft sent by your writer, create or update your own profile by carefully copying and pasting each section.

2. Choose and upload work samples, profile, and header photo.

You can ask your resume writer to assist you in choosing and uploading the most appropriate samples of your work as well as a photo for your header and profile.

3. Customize your URL.

Your resume writer can also guide you step-by-step in customizing your URL for a more professional looking profile and for you easily publicize yourself.

Having a professional looking LinkedIn profile made by certified resume writers from Resume Valley can boost your online presence. With know-how, skills, and years of experience in this field, they can help you create or upgrade a profile that can easily be seen by employers in your target field.

If you have more questions about our services, you can call us at 1 (877) 780-7377 or visit our LinkedIn profile writing service page.

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