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Trump Immigration Policy: Its Effects on Your Job Prospects

Put America First. Make America great again. President Donald Trump wanted this for America, and he started it with illegal immigration. Thus, the rise of the Trump Immigration policy. Do you know how it will affect your career?

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Trump Immigration Policy: The Economic Situation

Since immigration crackdown took effect, changes in work records followed. Unemployment is at a record low, as companies offer job opportunities left by foreign workers who joined the immigrant exodus. Did you know you could benefit from this immigration policy?

Employment Woes

The Trump Immigration Policy brought trials in to employers. In the Envoy 2018 Immigration Trends Report, 85% of employers said the Trump move created an impact to their trades. 28% needed to increase their staff to meet their quotas, 26% had their projects delayed, while 22% relocated work overseas.

Are you looking for a job? This is good news for you. Since firms rush to fill vacant spots, your hiring chances just got high.

Brain Drain

Experts say due to the new immigration policy, foreign-born university students now choose to return to their home countries to launch their startups. Hence, U.S. will soon compete with India, China, and Singapore in drawing talents, thus affecting innovation.

The Trump Immigration Policy also affects the tech unicorns. With worth $1 billion, these companies add to economic growth. Its rise has waned in recent years, from 75% in 2013, down to 43% in 2016.

Do you have great ideas that can boost the country’s growth? Help kick-start a company! Who knows, you could create more jobs.

Skills Gap

In Silicon Valley, at least 57% of STEM workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher were born outside the United States.

However, due to the Trump Immigration Policy, even those who aren’t undocumented immigrants consider moving to countries who offer friendlier policies. As a result, some firms opened sites in Mexico and Canada to tap the local talent pool.

Do you want to return to work after your prolonged leave? Don’t think twice; polish your skills! You could be what these firms need.

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Trump Immigration Policy: How Will It Affect You?

Are you a skilled native-born looking for jobs? You could apply for the positions vacated by foreign workers. However, did you know even those who are less educated could improve their chances in looking for jobs?

Increase of Native-Born in the Workforce

As of July 2018, unemployment rate is only at 3.9%. With the Trump Immigration Policy aims to Put America First, it resulted to the rise of native-born employees in the workforce.

More Jobs for High School Graduates

The Trump Immigration Policy seeks to add jobs for high school dropouts, which makes up 7.2% of the workforce. Based on the records of the U.S. Labor Department, the joblessness rate for high school finishers fell to 5.1% as of July 2018, the lowest since 1992.

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Jobs Vacated by Foreign Workers

The following fields are where most immigrants flock for work. Should the Trump Immigration policy come in full effect, expect that employers turn to native-born workers to get the job done.

• Construction

9% of immigrants work in this field. Electricians, roofers, and carpenters are jobs you could consider.

• Sales

With 8.6%, this is the second dominant field where immigrants work. You can become cashiers, travel agents, and telemarketers.

• Maintenance

If you have experienced working as a house cleaner, janitor, or landscaper, try this field. 8.4% of migrants work in this sector.

• Administration

You could be bank tellers, postal service workers, receptionists and bookkeepers, as 8% of foreign workers comprise this group..

• Production

Become butchers, shoe repairers, tailors wood workers, and bakers. Foreign-born staff composed 7.9% of these jobs.

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• Transportation

With 7.5% of migrants in this field, and as the Trump immigration policy in effect, you could become pilots, flight attendants, air traffic controllers, railroad conductors, and taxi drivers.

• Management

Be your own boss and launch your business. You could also be sales managers and lawmakers, similar to the 8.1% foreigners in this field.

• Food Service

The food service industry offers jobs for you to be cooks, wait staff, bartenders, dishwashers, and baristas. With basic kitchen skills, and lots of energy and enthusiasm, you could work in this turf, like the 7.1% of foreign employees.

• Personal Care

Do you want to be personal trainers, hair stylists, and childcare workers? Your hiring chances just got better as 4.3% of migrants fill these positions.

• STEM Jobs

Interested to join the world of computers? Try web development, programming and statistics-related jobs. 4.3% of immigrants work here. Should the Trump Immigration Policy reaches this field; expect work to come your way.

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Trump Immigration Policy: a Blessing or a Bane?

While others may find this policy unsuitable to what America stands for, others consider this as recovery of American jobs for native-born workers. Not only will they have means to survive, they will also enjoy the benefits companies may give once they work.

Are you now ready to take advantage of the Trump Immigration policy? Let Resume Valley create the way to your new work!

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