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Should You Disclose Your Mental Health During a Job Interview?

Are you experiencing some sort of mental illness or condition that hinders you from applying for a job? Perhaps, you’ve been thinking when and how you can disclose your mental health problem. Or, should you tell your potential employer about it or not? If you’re on the same dilemma, Resume Valley can help you. Each of us has personal struggles and battles in life. It affects our mental health, which determines the level of our social and psychological well-being. Meaning, it’s responsible for how you feel, think, and behave 24/7. Thus, it’s a crucial aspect in growing a career.

So, should you disclose your mental health problem during a job interview? Will it affect the possibility of getting a job opportunity? What will happen if you disclose your mental disorder during the job application? If you have the same questions in mind, you are probably one of the folks wanting to get a job and kick-start your career.

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Should You Tell Your Employer About Your Mental Health Problem?

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA, hiring firms must avoid employment discrimination.Hiring firms must provide reasonable changes and adjustments when hiring ones with mental illness or any other disability. It’s a great privilege; however, the stigma of mental issues scares most people who wish to disclose their state. Therefore, should you disclose mental health problem during the hiring process? As per the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or EEOC, “The ADA does not require that an applicant inform an employer about the need for a reasonable accommodation at any particular time, so this information need not be volunteered on an application form or in an interview.” Meaning, you are not required to disclose your mental condition during the job interview. If disclosing your state is rough for you during the hiring process, then don’t stress yourself.

Most of today’s workplaces and trades aim to bring a beneficial work set up for employees. Besides, laws and social groups aim to secure employees’ right and benefits. Also, many professionals from various fields kept their mental issues private. It all goes down to your work performance and ability to grow your career.

Self-assessment is a vital step in climbing your career ladder. As you grow, expanding your knowledge and acquire skills is necessary. If your mental health is at stake, seek help and disclose your illness. During the hiring process, know the scope of your duties. Take the opportunity to see if your mental illness could interfere with your capacity to work well.

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