skills weigh higher than attitude

4 Ridiculous Reasons You Weren’t Hired

Is there a more disappointing experience than to be rejected for a job you prepared for, for years? You gathered all the necessary experiences, you know your capabilities, and you even spent months brushing up on your skills but it’s all for naught.

Sometimes hiring managers make poor judgement calls they end up hiring the wrong people. Why? Here the possible reasons:

1. They Put Skills Before Character

skills weigh higher than attitude
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Skills, knowledge, and experiences, no matter how vast, will be worthless if aren’t put to good use. The problem with some employers is that they hire for aptitude instead of attitude. According to a study from Leadership IQ, a leadership training and research firm, 11% of the new hires failed in the first 18 months at work. This failure is caused by short temperament, low emotional intelligence, and lack of motivation to work.

2. They Prioritize Friends and Family

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The quote, “A family that works together stays together” should not be a concept followed in the hiring process. Having a family member or a friend in the same workplace may have an advantage, but there are a number of issues it can cause most employers don’t see coming, like personal issues being brought in work, professional discussions being taken personally, etc.

3. They Don’t Follow Their Instincts

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We have been given the gift of intuition and yet some of us fail to use it in making important decisions. Some employers hire the wrong candidate because they weigh the wrong things.

4. They Take the Wrong Chances

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There are two kinds of chances a hiring manager takes: Good chances when a candidate has more potential, with good demeanor, and has the drive your team needs and; Bad chances when he/she left previous jobs in weeks because his/her former employer is a “jerk”, who has no experience in the industry, and with a history of attendance problems.

It’s not the end of the world and there are greater opportunities awaiting you. So don’t give up, keep searching, and check out our free resume templates to write a resume that stands out.



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