6 Ways Job Seekers Can Shun Awkward Interview Moments

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Applicants coming for a job interview want to impress hiring managers. Yet as fate would have it, an interview may sometimes turn bitter when a planned first meeting with the future boss goes awry. Before awkward job interview moments hurt your hiring chances, learn how to avoid an embarrassing experience next time.

1. Come on time.

You’re set to arrive at 8 o’clock and it’s already 7:30, but you must still brave a heavy traffic jam and locate the place. Avoid this scenario or you’ll come in haggard and start rocky. Sleep early. Wake up 2 to 3 hours before your appointment. Expect delays to avoid being late.




2. Do something with your dry, rough, or sweaty palms.

Handshakes are a corporate world’s routine. Hence, your hands must be clean and smooth to save you from humiliation. How can you grasp the interviewer’s hand with a “normal” grip texture and feel? When hand spa is too much, bring a skin cream and hanky.





3. Wear proper attire.

How you present yourself during the interview matters. Moreover, wear proper clothing and accessories to appear confident and professional. What should you wear? A formal get-up will complement the usual business outfit and don’t overdress or you may experience awkward job interview moments!


4. Listen with full attention.

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via Imgflip meme generator

Due to nervousness, job seekers may sometimes fail to grasp the questions well, prompting them to give false or meaningless answers. It’s funny how applicants mistook “duties” for “cuties,” “foodies,” or even “doodies.” This annoys and disappoints recruiters, more so if the question is crucial to the post.

Always pay attention to the recruiter and focus on his/her questions. Whenever a question or a word is vague, ask it again. Tell the interviewer, “Excuse me, can you repeat the question, please?


5. Be dynamic.

Silence is one of the awkward job interview moments you don’t want to experience. Don’t crack a joke or swear with over-excitement, instead think fast and be active. Never stretch your answers.

Likewise, show your portfolio when you’re running out of words as you bring up your skills. Do this not as a diversionary tactic but as a well-timed opportunity to highlight your talent. Remember to use proper transitional words or phrases.


6. Blink your eyes.

Just because you must keep eye contact, it doesn’t mean you stare at the interviewer the whole time. Never stare at the wall or on the ceiling often either and speak in a natural manner. In addition, blink and glance away.






The key to great job interview results is to lessen, if not avoid, the awkwardness. Prepare beyond the basics. Yet experiencing awkward job interview moments is better than not getting any invitation. How can you pass an interview? Be ready with your remarkable profile. Resume Valley offers job interview-winning resumes for civilian posts!