8 Soft Skills Employers Want from Job Seekers Today

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Although many firms choose applicants armed with job-specific skills, most of them prefer hopefuls equipped with “people skills,” also called soft skills. Unlike hard skills (i.e. the teachable skill sets that allow people to do certain tasks), you can apply soft skills to almost all job titles and fields. But which soft skills employers want job seekers to possess these days? Read on.

Soft Skills Employers Want from Job Hopefuls

1. Adaptability

Adaptability, one of the soft skills employers want today

Hiring managers favor people who can predict and respond to changes and cope with the transition. Since trades and trends are fast changing, employers seek out graduates who can embrace new ideas and situations as well.

2. Initiative


Managers love workers who are resourceful and resilient. They believe these workers can work independently and take action when needed.

3. Analytical Skill

analytical skills

This soft skill helps people assess data effectively. Firms prefer people with good analytical skills because they are detail-oriented, determined, and focused.

4. Time Management


Managing your time means planning and prioritizing your workload. When gauging your skills, hiring managers assess how you set realistic goals to meet your deadlines. They look into how you strategize and work under pressure. In this case, you need to be ahead of the game and explain how you balance your work, study, and leisure time well.

5. Decision Making

Decision Making

Decision makers study the problem, weigh the pros and cons, and think of logical conclusions. Firms favor such workers because they think critically, take advice from other people, and come up with solutions that benefit the company and its people in general.

6. Leadership


Being a leader means taking control of the situation and having a clear sense of direction and values. Leadership traits are crucial in the workplace because they affect how you manage people, take initiative, and make plans.

7. Organization


Firms love organized people because they are orderly and efficient. They can plan their time and workload effectively and meet their deadlines with minimal guidance.

8. Communication Skills


Bosses like good communicators because they are the key to developing positive working relationships with colleagues and clients. Also, this skill denotes that one can convey a message clearly through various means and channels, bringing only the best results for the firm.


Other Desirable Traits to Possess

Aside from the soft skills mentioned above, the following traits are likewise essential in the workplace:

– Negotiating and Persuading

These mean having strong convincing power, high self-esteem, and good emotional intelligence.

– Numeracy

This signifies being at home with numbers and doing the smartest way to solve math problems.

– Stress Tolerance

This implies keeping your poise even when you’re facing problems.

– Honesty and Integrity

These refer to being faithful to your boss, punctual, and obedient to the company rules. They also mean producing the results your boss expects.

– Confidence

This means valuing or trusting your potentials, adapting to changes, and being able to do any work in any situations.

If you want to get your employer’s attention, show them you have the soft skills they seek.

What other soft skills employers want from job seekers today? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more career tips and interesting blogs, visit this page. Let our resume experts help you get your dream job with our curriculum vitae writing services!

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