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How Resume Lies Kill Your Chances for Employment

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Everyone wants an attractive resume. In fact, aiming for a dazzling copy isn’t bad; however, going through the line between lying and honesty matters. Countless articles about resume writing tips exist on the web. A few tell job hunters about habits to dodge and warnings on the biggest resume lies to avoid. Despite this, job seekers still lie on their resume.

A resume reflects who you are as a person. In addition, your copy must get the interest of potential employers, so better add factual and/or realistic details into your copy rather than write lies. Here are a handful of the biggest resume lies applicants use on their copy.

Biggest Resume Lies Frequently Used by Job Seekers

    • Education

One of the biggest resume lies committed by job seekers is in their educational practice. A few applicants think employers won’t verify their credentials. But such isn’t always the case. Recruiters rather check records because, in looking for qualified staff, they need legit academic skills. Therefore, if you apply with a fake diploma, it may only bring you harm. No matter what job and level you’re aiming, you shouldn’t lie in your copy.

    • Job History/Titles

Job seekers falsify their job titles, too. With you wanting that job doesn’t mean you must lie to win it. Faking work experiences will only kill your chances of nailing the job. In particular, you don’t earn job titles in a snap. Instead, you work for them to advance in your career. If you will lie about your job roles, it will affect your reputation.

    • Skills

It’s advisable to embellish your skills to fit the job description. Sometimes, playing with your skills can be easy. Yet, you must prove them once you get the job. Remember that falsifying your skills means telling your employer you’re familiar with and can do the job even though you know nothing about it. Likewise, the manager may expect you to do well right away. Thus, forget about faking your skills.

    • Accomplishments

Flashy awards and accomplishments look too impressive. They put you in a spot where you shine. Hence, job seekers put their so-called “accomplishments” in their resume. One of the biggest resume lies job hunters do to boost their credentials is by creating fake awards. You can never trust this dirty trick because firms may check on them anytime.

    • Character References

This info may help you win the job. It gives you a boost to support your position and claims. Besides, it’s easy to fake stats or identity for your character reference. However, this takes away the chance for you to land that interview. No matter how striking your resume is, but if it fails to support your claims, then it won’t work.

Effects of Using the Biggest Resume Lies

    • Failed Expectations


Employers may expect much from you. In effect, you’ll have a hard time living up to it. It’s hard to live the lie you made against what you can do in reality. Thus, it will affect your actions, and make it harder for you to retain the impression.

    • Dissatisfaction


You won’t enjoy your work, and you’ll keep on lying to cover up your other lies.

    • Job Loss or Imprisonment


Sometimes firms don’t tolerate fraud, and will sue you. Once they found out you lied or enhanced info about yourself, you may lose your job or end up in jail.

    • Negative Record


Your lie(s) may give you a bad record once uncovered. As a result, no one will trust you anymore and finding a job will even be harder.

How to Nail the Job sans Being Dishonest

If you believe you have what it takes to excel, apply anyway. Regardless of your failure to meet the requirements, time will come when recruiters will notice your sincerity. Follow these guidelines.

  1. Show your your true self.
  2. Include your related skills in your resume or cover letter.
  3. Once scheduled for an interview, stress your willingness to learn and perform the job better. By then, you can explain yourself.
  4. Be truthful. Honesty won’t hurt you and your good future.

You’ll find a thin line between embellishing and lying. Both will bring you closer to the job, but lying can wipe out your chances. Instead of impressing your interviewer, you may ruin your future. The biggest resume lies will only harm your reputation. Hence, avoid making them.

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