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Must-Try Interview-Winning Personal Branding Tactics

Personal branding can be your key in the job hunting game, but most applicants have yet to discover its potential. Pros suggest using effective branding statements instead of resume objectives because they offer a more solid approach to winning recruiters’ attention. But what is it? How can it help you win a job? So, read on and learn more about personal branding here.

What Is a Branding Statement?

A personal branding statement sums up what makes you unique and better than other job seekers applying for the same position. In fact, it often replaces the “Resume Objective” section.

Why Is Branding on Resume Important?

A personal brand statement can be your most distinct description. In the same way, a strong one makes it easier for hiring managers to get a hint if you’ll be a good fit for their firm. When done right, it can affect their decision and favor you over your rivals.

To use branding in your job search, gather personal qualities that add to your worth and make you useful in the job market. Here’s what a strong resume branding should have.

1. Key Qualities

To grab your hiring manager’s attention, show him/her you have the key qualities the firm needs. To do this, assess yourself first and list your traits and skills. In addition, recap your copy and keep only the ones that relate to the job.

2. Job Market Worth

Rate yourself and flaunt your worth before your potential boss. Start by listing your accomplishments, learning, and challenges throughout your career. Wrap up your copy further by narrowing your list to what’s most relevant to your dream job.

3. Competitive Edge

Show off what makes you unique and better than other job seekers. Your former job titles may be the same, but the way you managed the challenges may be very different. Thus, highlight your competitive edge by stressing your unique skills.

How Can You Add Personal Branding to Your Resume?

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1. Personal brand statement over resume objective

Replace your outdated resume objective with a catchy mix of your qualifications, value, and uniqueness. Likewise, start your resume with what sets you apart from other job seekers.

2. Customized resume instead of cookie-cutter templates

If you want to standout, do away with resume templates and create your own style. Don’t go overboard, however, with its design and colors. Remember, your resume is your professional account.

3. Links to your professional accounts rather than generic phrases

Rather than filling in empty spaces with clichéd adjectives and phrases, you can include links to or URLs of your blog page or professional social media accounts. In particular, these will tell recruiters more about you and your career than generic phrases online.

Personal branding isn’t as difficult as it may sound. It’s the same as writing your resume. You just have to tell who you are but stress what makes you more valuable and unique than other job seekers. To get more useful tips on how to improve your resume, check out our resources page.

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