workplace feedback through thumbs up or thumbs down

The Beauty of a Manager’s Negative Feedback

workplace feedback through thumbs up or thumbs down
The Beauty of a Manager’s Negative Feedback 1

Apart from hard work and dedication, employment demands guts to help employees face challenges in the workplace. Workers must show they’re courageous and tough because no matter how hard they work, they can’t please everyone. There’ll always be workplace feedback.

Often irreversible, a negative comment on you or your performance can hurt your ego and weaken your self-esteem. Yet, if you look at the brighter side, you can turn this negativity to inspiration that allows you to carry on with your pursuits. Hence, don’t loathe unwanted comments and instead use them to succeed.

How Workplace Feedback Molds You

Criticisms are a part of everyone’s professional life. In fact, they come without warning. Just be prepared and don’t avoid them. In particular, criticisms could serve as your key to career success. Thus, if you got workplace feedback for a wrongdoing or shortcoming, accept it in full and turn it into a positive experience.

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So, how can you turn a negative comment (from your manager) to a constructive criticism? Learn how with these helpful tips.

1. Discover your worth. 

Calm down upon hearing negative feedback about you or your work. If possible, ask for an explanation and defend your actions. Don’t think too much and blame yourself, more so if you’re confident you’ve done what’s right. Then again, instead of blaming yourself, find your worth.

2. Stay optimistic. 

Don’t take criticisms as a personal attack. Yet view negative workplace feedback as a challenge to keep your career even more. Show with your body language that you welcome criticisms. Further, mind your voice tone and facial expression because they can show your optimism. If you’re optimistic, you’ll treat negative comments as a sign of care toward your career path and growth.

3. Take it as an opportunity. 

You may not believe it but receiving harsh opinions and disapprovals can be an opportunity. In addition, they help you show your potentials for learning and growth. Use them to change personal practices you must improve on as stated on the feedback.

4. Act on it. 

Whatever the feedback recommends, heed it. If you use it to correct yourself, your manager will notice your improvement. Likewise, such may likely make you a valuable worker because you’re taking the risk and getting out of your comfort zone.

5. Remember your lessons. 

What’s best in knowing how others see your shortcomings and wrongdoings is that you learn from them, both in your personal and professional life. In this case, use them as guide in pursuing your career goals.

an employee taking workplace feedback as constructive criticisms

One secret to success is to take negative workplace feedback as constructive criticism that will mold you into the best person you can be. Further, discover the beauty hiding behind each bad comment.

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