Resume and Job Interview Pet Peeves That Repel Stellar Job Offers

The recruitment process can be associated with how we observe courtship in the animal kingdom. Male peacocks fan their colorful tail feathers to catch the females’ fancy. A female penguin picks the best male suitor based on the pebble he offers for her nest. Likewise, the job hunt calls for a courtship display akin to these animals’ zealous conducts. Candidates must also show desirable behavior to attract more job offers. But what if, instead of charming them, you’ve struck recruiter pet peeves? Read on and find out what mistakes job seekers make that threaten their success.

How to Fend Off Recruiter Pet Peeves

recruiter pet peeves

Let’s inject a little imagery in this narrative. Think of your job application as a vehicle prepped for a road trip. Remember, you must buckle up to impress your future employer. Albeit your resolve gives your engine the best fuel, you still need to make sure that other parts of your car are in place. You must check your actions, so your journey doesn’t meet a tragic car crash. What’s the worst-case scenario? Doing exactly what annoys hiring managers. Below are the must-avoid pet peeves about job seekers that would lead your job search to a dead end.

Resume Pet Peeves

resume pet peeves

Lies on resumes come on top of the list. No one wants to be lied to, so it’s only understandable why recruiters would totally hate resume fraudsters. Recruitment takes up a lot of time and other resources. Hiring managers don’t want to waste their time and company’s money screening professional liars. The resume should be a tangible proof of your credibility, so avoid writing false claims just to exaggerate your qualifications.

Resume mistakes also tick off recruiters. Grammar errors and misspelled words shine a bad light on you. Proofread and recheck your resume for clarity and conciseness before sending. Likewise, be careful with your choice of words. Maintain professional language in your resume and cover letter.

Job Interview Pet Peeves

job interview pet peeves

Love at first sight is a thing during initial interviews, but some hiring professionals feel the exact opposite for lousy applicants. It’s possible that some candidates annoy their recruiters right off the bat. This happens when they come in late for the scheduled interview. In an instant, tardiness gives your recruiter a grave reason why he or she shouldn’t hire you.

Hiring managers dislike interview mistakes caused by lack of ample preparation. Conversely, they’re impressed with job seekers who do background research on the company and the job post they applied for beforehand. There are plenty of sources out there for potential job interview answers and questions. All you need to do is exert more effort in collecting them and utilizing the info to your advantage.

Candidates who forget to send thank you notes can expect that their job applications get forgotten as well. Recruiters appreciate it if you send them a courtesy letter after a job interview. Doing so shows good manners and that you’re keen to building a pleasant relationship with them. Besides, you can never go wrong with spreading kindness to the world.

Job Search Experts Drive You to Success

Now that we know what not to say to a recruiter and what not to do during job interview, it’ll be easier to avoid recruiter pet peeves that foils our job hunt’s success. Browse through the best resources for your career growth.

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