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Use “This” over “That”: Power Words to Include in Your Resume

The Balance defines resume keywords as terms that relate to certain job requirements including skills, abilities, credentials, and qualities. When recruiters look over a pile of resumes, they scan each one to find particular action words or use applicant tracking systems or ATSs to filter ideal candidates. Besides, they’re crucial to your job application’s success. Here’s why and how you should use these power words to your advantage.

Why Use Resume Keywords

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1. They grab attention.

For every job post, hiring managers include keywords that will help them scan resumes and filter applicants during hiring. Hence, by adding these resume buzzwords to your application tool, you can grab their attention and show them you have the skills and qualifications they need for the post.

2. They set you apart from others.

Recruiters, having read hundreds of job applications daily, might see your resume the same as other hopefuls if you use templates or average keywords to highlight your qualifications. When used well, your resume word choice can help you stand out from other job seekers.

3. They let you pass the ATS.

Most large firms use ATS to screen thousands of job applications, so they can only focus on the top candidates. In fact, ATSs filter applicants using resume keywords; hence, if you want to apply with such firms better include a few such words in your document.

Examples of Powerful Verbs for Your Resume

Use “This” over “That”: Power Words to Include in Your Resume

Give your old copy a makeover with this list of resume words from The Muse. Likewise, check the infographic below showing what to use instead of the resume word templates you can find online.

One of the most popular resume writing tips experts from companies such as Resume Valley tell their clients is choosing the right words to use in their profile. For more tips on how to write a good resume and to know more about resume keywords, check our blogs page.

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