Resume lies and its effect to your job application

Biggest Resume Lies and the Worst Consequences That Follow

Have you applied to various companies and never received a call? Well, you may think there’s a problem on your resume. Surely, we all want to submit a well-written and worth-reading resume. It gives us an assurance that our application will be accepted, right? Yet, it’s challenging to write the perfect resume, so applicants choose to put a few resume lies instead. However, doing so may cause setbacks in their career.

A study by Robert Half reveals that lying in resumes is becoming more common, and hiring managers know this all too well. In fact, more than 1/3 of them admitted of rejecting applicants upon finding out false details on the job seekers’ resumes.

Since resume serves as an elevator pitch, it must present our edge over other candidates. Sadly, there are jobs we want to land but our credentials just don’t fit. Though we don’t qualify, still—it’s not best to lie on your resume. That said, here are the most common resume lies everyone should avoid.

The most common resume lies in the industry

5 Most Common Resume Lies

Lying about the educational background is one of the most common resume lies out there. This is because applicants think employers don’t verify their credentials. So, they put highly trusted schools on their resume to impress employers. Most applicants also claim to have a diploma where in fact, they don’t.

Since applicants want to land the job they’ve always dreamt of, they make up experiences required for the job. Some even claim to have worked in established and famous firms.

Employment Date
To hide noticeable employment gaps, applicants alter the dates of their employment. It’s also one of the most-used resume lies. Since employers question employment gaps, job seekers avoid it by lying on their resumes.

To catch the employers’ eyes, applicants write skills perfect to the job description. This allows them to pass through the applicant tracking system (ATS), which is the first stage of some employee screening now. In short, they think they can land a job just by writing skills they don’t even know.

Aside from education, applicants lie about certificates or training to impress employers. Some also list false achievements which are too easy to spot.

Hiring managers are trained to see whether applicants lie. So, be careful during your initial interview, for they’ll observe your actions and your missed key points.

In short, putting false information on your resume is not best for you. Be true to yourself and you’ll go a long way. Hence, know the reasons you should never lie on your resume.

Cons of Using the Most Common Resume Lies

Failed Expectations. Employers will expect much from you and you’ll have a hard time living up to their expectations. Do you want to leave a good impression? It’s quite impossible now you’ve lied to them.

Dissatisfaction. You won’t enjoy your work since they might bug you about your lies. In turn, you’ll keep on lying to cover up your other lies. Such a nuisance, right?

Job Loss. Employers don’t tolerate deceitful applicants. Once they knew about your dishonesty, you may lose your job, or worse, end up in jail.

Negative Record. Lying can stain your reputation as an employee. Even so, this negative record can cost you your trustworthiness and good job history.

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Note this: you don’t need to lie on your resume to boost your reputation. Noble performance and experience will help you become the person you aspire to be. Remember: trust is a vital factor in hiring processes. Once it is broken, it’s tough to earn it back.

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