signs you need to look for a new job and a resume sample

5 Signs You Should Think of When Getting a New Job

ThinkingBosses have countless reasons to fire their employees. Most of them are avoidable and happened due to lack of willpower and self-control. These reasons include poor job performance, dishonesty, absenteeism, drunken behavior, sexual harassment, and others.

Even after receiving a memorandum for committing an offense, employees sometimes don’t know they’re already in danger of losing their job.

signs you need to look for a new job and resume samples

When Is It Time to Go?

Here are signs you’ll soon lose your job; thus, you must think of getting a new one.

1. Your relationship with your boss worsens

Does your boss treat you otherwise? Are you getting unequal treatment from your superior? Then, something is wrong in your professional relationship with your boss, a sign of a damaged connection between you and him/her.

2. Your colleagues changed

Seeing your peers behaving oddly shows they’re moving away from you. They avoid you in the hallway or refuse to eat lunch with you. Sometimes, colleagues already have an idea on your status even before your superior talks to you.

3. You’re always uninvited

Did you miss office events? Did they invite you to gatherings? Maybe you’re not even on the list of participants for that special trip.

4. You don’t get the same projects and responsibilities you used to have

You get the worst assignment or the easiest tasks. Yet both are duties you’re not good at, so you’ll fail and your boss will use that as means to fire you!

5. You always get the blame

Do you feel that people in the office watch your every move? Did you get severe punishment for a minor violation? Are they pointing fingers at you when something goes wrong? If you answer YES to these questions, then you’re the “black sheep” in the team.

If you’re determined to leave your current job, be ready with your resume, your key to finding a new career. Look for resume samples or professional writing services at Resume Valley.

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