Job Interview Tips You Should Apply Before Your Job Exit

Must-Know Exit Interview Tips: Learning the Dos and Don’ts

The job market has been changing constantly for the past decade. A recent report from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics says that over 3.5 million Americans quit their job every month. This number continues to grow steadily, as each of the employees seeks for a better career pathway. However, despite the varying reasons for job exit, most of them (if not all), go through exit interviews. The exit interview process occurs just before an employee departs from the office. This off-boarding process helps employers resolve ties with the exiting staff. That said, here are effective exit interview tips you should know before bidding farewell to your job.

Exit Interview Tips: How to Answer Exit Interviews Questions?

The importance of exit interviews lies within the active participation of the employee. Firms may follow different exit interview template. Some offices do it through one-on-one interviews while others may give out forms to answer. Nonetheless, both methods seek to get valid exit interview answers. Hence, here are the common dos and don’ts to guide you in your exit interview.

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Must-Know Exit Interview Tips: Learning the Dos and Don’ts 1

Don’t ignore exit interview calls.

Some managers may schedule exit calls a few days before or after your final day at work. If they have sent you a message after your official tenure, it is still best to attend this exit call. Give them time to answer a few of their questions.

Do allot time to respond to the exit interview questions.

Aside from closing ties, exit calls are done to get feedback from former employees. These will help them improve their work policies and even the overall office setting.

Don’t give unsought rants.

Usually, managers will ask you about the best and worst parts of working with them. Of course, they will be glad to hear honest answers from you. However, veer away from ranting about office rules without giving sound solutions.

Do provide constructive criticisms.

Instead of showing signs of emotional outburst to reveal your dismay, it is better to give them valid and logical opinions. You may ask other workers to give them their thought about it. Remain calm and exit the room with composure.

Don’t blurt out fake accounts.

Avoid making up stories just to support your reasons for leaving. This will not help the company and might even trouble you sooner or later.

Do stick to facts and real events.

If you need to cite events to support your suggestions, then it is best to speak about real events. Focus on larger issues that you experienced which you think can be improved. This will increase your credibility and might help you get a better job recommendation from your manager.

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Moving Forward After the Exit Interview Process

An exit interview is like your job interview. Since these two are key moments in your whole job experience, heeding our exit interview tips would help you. Browse through our articles to find more career advice that will help you thrive in your career. Do you need help in applying for your next target job? We offer top resume writing services for different career needs. Check out our site or call us to know more!

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