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5 Obvious Signs You Aced Your First Job Interview

Getting a job interview for new graduates like you is synonymous to receiving a box of chocolates from the person you admire. You get thrilled and elated thinking you are already a stone’s throw away from nailing your target post. You must remember, however, that nothing remains certain after meeting the hiring manager. Even if you came early, wore formal attire neatly, and answered all questions with confidence, the company would not easily sign you a contract. So how can you predict your likelihood of landing the post after an interview? What are the clear signs you got the job? Assess your chances by going through these hints.

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Telltale Signs You Got the Job

1. You hear the much-awaited question.

The easiest way to know if you passed the entire screening process is hearing the question, “When can you start?” This could imply the company’s keenness to hire and have you join their team.

2. You endured a lengthy interview.

Known for their busy schedules, recruiters rarely spend too much time when interviewing hopefuls. As soon as they notice a job mismatch, they speed up or cut the time short. Thus, if you remember your interviewer extending the Q&A and dwelling deeply on your qualifications, he/she might want to obtain more details. Your future boss desires to check on your skills and know your capabilities. But if your interview only lasted for a few minutes; then, your employer might be in search for someone else.

3. You get special attention.

When your contact person or anyone from your target firm gives you special attention or care, perhaps they want to connect and keep you posted. They want to assure you that they are processing your paper and are considering you for the job.

4. The interviewer doesn’t utter discouraging (and disheartening) words.

Most hiring managers find it hard to reject applications. More often, they deliver the bad news indirectly only to avoid offending unsuccessful job applicants. Sadly, some neophytes fail to decipher what other HR managers mean. They misunderstand rejection statements such as, “The HR needs to redefine the job specification,” “The current offer doesn’t fit your qualifications” or “The post has been put on hold.” If you do not remember hearing similar words from your interviewer; then, he/she might have considered your application and included you in the final cut.

5. You experience an “unusual” treatment.

Not all candidates may be lucky to go on an office tour or meet other workers during the first interview. Therefore, if you recall getting these unusual opportunities; then, they are clear signs of a good interview. You might have already earned their trust or are among the employer’s top choices.

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Signs You Got the Job: Thoughts to Ponder

As interviews are difficult to evaluate, please remember that the signs mentioned above may not always be perfect. The results may still change no matter how positive the interview may seem to you.

Though optimism can help, do not rest your future on a simple “gut feeling.” But if you are sure to have nailed the Q&A, contemplate on how you presented your credentials on your resume. Are there discrepancies between your summary and the details you mentioned during the interview? Also, do you have an online professional profile to support your claims? Some hiring managers these days check on the candidates’ online bio and professional profiles to screen them well.

Though a newcomer in the industry, you can still impress hiring managers with a well-written LinkedIn profile. Resume Valley can help you build a profile to bolster your online presence. Our LinkedIn profile writing service will not just attract links from your network but also open doors for more opportunities. Thus, if you wish to validate the signs you got the job and ensure your chances of landing the post, get a superb online profile that could support your application.  Build your LinkedIn profile now and connect with professionals in your field.


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