pen and paper for CV writing dos and don’ts

Dos and Don’ts Plus Tips for CV Writing to Make Your Copy Better

pen and paper for CV writing dos and don’ts

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Do you know that your curriculum vitae or CV plays a vital role in helping you land your dream job? It contains your credentials, work experience, feats, and progress throughout your working career. An ineffective one can make you look weak and ruin your chances of getting interviews. If you want to boost your hiring chances, thank the expert writers of Resume Valley for this CV writing dos and don’ts.

CV Writing Dos and Don’ts 2017

CV Writing Dos:

1. Write simple, honest, and smart descriptions and goals.
– Build up yourself with a strong career profile and further show employers that you’re a professional by describing your skills. Make them see what value you can bring to the table to increase your chances for them.

2. Focus on your strengths by using powerful words.
– Proudly flaunt your strengths and skills. Use powerful action words to make your statements more persuasive. Adding keywords from the job description can also catch the recruiter’s attention.

3. Tailor your CV to the role.
– Boost your job chances by adding relevant job experiences and academic background. Focus on the facts in your curriculum vitae and ensure you include the ones relevant to your target job. Forgo private info such as age, civil status, religion, and other unnecessary details.

4. Prepare a summary of your feats.
– To create an appealing curriculum vitae, it’s better to list your achievements rather than describe your duties. Include facts and figures that will show how credible you are for the job. This will make you more believable and your achievements more tangible.

5. Make your copy pleasing and readable.
– Stick to positive phrases for they sound pleasing and can lift the mood of the reader. Also, instead of using long and dense paragraphs, write details in bullets to make your copy easier on the eyes.

CV Writing Don’ts

1. Use of clichés, jargons, and recycled buzzwords.
– Unless coming straight from the job description, avoid using industry jargons just to impress the recruiters. Also, refrain from adding clichés and buzzwords that will only produce useless fluffs and will just irate most employers.

2. Lie about your credentials.
– If you’re tempted to add some stuff on your qualifications just to make you the ideal candidate, then you might just want to rethink that. Most companies conduct a background check on their prospective employees and getting caught can result in grave consequences.

3. Include salary info and expectations.
– Salary negotiations should come after the interview, when you already proved your worth or when the recruiter asks you the question. Including it in your CV may seem imposing and may harm your hiring chances.

4. Explain gaps in work history.
– You should keep your CV to two pages so you should maximize the space with relevant info rather than fill it with explanations about your work history. Just like “money matters”, you should discuss it during the interview and only when you’re asked.

5. Mess up your CV with a dull format and layout.
– Crazy colors, fancy font styles, childish email addresses, and hilarious selfies are big no-nos in CV writing. Keep the layout and formatting uniform and professional if you want recruiters to take your application seriously.

After following these CV writing dos and don’ts, don’t forget to proofread your copy, for spelling and grammar errors are major turn-offs. For more CV drafting tips and best CV examples from expert writers, visit

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